The 7 Wonders of Coffee

The 7 Wonders of Coffee

The 7 Wonders of Coffee

Many of us who are coffee drinkers understand the need for coffee every day. Whether it be you just enjoy the taste of the drink or maybe your body depends on the caffeine intake; either way coffee is important to us. Though you may not realize that the little simple details and things about coffee are what make it so great.

1. Mornings:

Coffee makes mornings that much more bearable. It may be the very first thing you think about when you wake up to get that kick in the butt to get the morning going. It is the right amount of caffeine to jolt you awake and take on your day.

2. Perking up of your senses:

Somehow, just somehow even when the caffeine is no longer effective since you drink it all the time, the simple smell of coffee causes your mouth to water and your senses to perk up.

3. Perfect for a cold day:

Now we can’t forget how perfect hot coffee is on those cold days, either at work, at a sports game or just anywhere outside. Hot coffee not only warms you from the outside but the inside as well.

4. Perfect for a hot day:

Not only is hot coffee great and dandy, but the fact that coffee can be iced coffee and still taste as phenomenal as hot coffee, now that’s great. It is not one of those only “seasonal” kinds of drinks but an all year round one due to the fact that iced coffee is just as good or sometimes better than hot coffee.

5. Tons and Tons of flavors to satisfy your likes:

It seems like anymore that there are 100’s of types of flavors of creamers and coffee to try, okay maybe not 100’s but there is a lot to choose from. That makes it so much better cause coffee is now more of a treat with the cookies and cream flavoring, French vanilla, or even the pumpkin spiced flavor that is loved by many.

6. The thought is what counts:

Just even the thought of coffee can get you through the workday, school day, day with your kids, and or just the day in general. The second you know you have free time to go grab a coffee from Dunkin’ makes the day a little bit more bearable.

7. At last a moment to sit back and relax:

Finally, coffee somehow creates a comfortable atmosphere. When in a coffee shop, sitting down and drinking a cup, you feel relaxed. The whole idea and the actual action of sitting and sipping on coffee creates calmness. Even to just snuggle up at home and have your coffee is relaxing and with how crazy most people’s lives are, this 10-15 min or maybe longer trip to get coffee and sit down and shut off your mind is exactly what you need.

Coffee is such a wonderful drink, and somehow just somehow makes life that much better.

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