Pretty Chic

Pretty Chic

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Age Defy

SWISSGENIX™ Age Defy is a powerful natural supplement formulated to increase skin hydration and minimize small lines and wrinkles with superior plant derived phytoceramides from rice. Fight signs of aging from within, with skin care capsule supplement technology.+

Phytoceramides is the plant-derived equivalent of ceramides, a lipid that keeps your skin hydrated, healthy and full.  They have been used in the Far East for hundreds of years and now the FDA has approved its oral use in the US.

SWISSGENIX™ Age Defy includes a 10:1 extract of phytoceramides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the structural integrity of the skin in as little as a few weeks.+

Hair+ Power

Swissgenix™ Hair+Power  was scientifically-formulated using the best proven ingredients to support youthful hair, skin and nails.+ Experience the power of high quality natural ingredients that repairs on a cellular level.

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