Muscle Quest

Muscle Quest

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SWISSGENIX™ T-Drive is a testoserone booster that increases testosterone levels to help combat a lack of energy and a loss of muscle mass.+  By age thirty, most men will begin experiencing a gradual reduction in testosterone levels each passing year.

Testosterone plays a pivotal role in sexual performance, increased stamina and overall well-being.  SWISSGENIX™ T-Drive helps restore testosterone levels so that you can perform at your best.+

Regen R8

SWISSGENIX™ Regen R8  contains a branched-chain amino acids, which are designed to protect, repair and build your muscles while you sleep. Amino Acids are the building blocks your body uses to create lean muscle. These amino acids are the most abundant in the muscles and most readily absorbed by the body.

SWISSGENIX™ Regen R8 contains BCAAs, the most abundant and most readily absorbed group of amino acids found in lean muscle. L-Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body and plays a key role in muscle growth.+

SWISSGENIX™ Regen R8 works to protect the muscles from catabolic breakdown, supports protein synthesis, builds lean muscles and encourages muscle growth+ to ensure you get the most out of a workout.

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